Choosing the blogging platform

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My requirements are:
- Low cost or free, as my purpose is earning no money with it.
- Easy to learn and use
- Easy to insert snippets of code

My starting point for choosing has been this article.

Some candidates:

  • Free Wordpress doesn't allow any plugins. You need some hosting if you want enough power.
  • I've tried a little Weebly, but it isn't suitable for sharing code.
  • Jekyll is powerful enough, it's integrated with github, and has a great community, but you cannot use any computer. You need to have installed git, Ruby. It uses familiar MarkDown syntax.
  • Finally I've chosen Logdown, as:
    • it provides more visual feedback,
    • it also uses MarkDown syntax.
    • the free edition covers my needs.
    • I have always the choice of exporting my blog elsewhere.


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