About Me


The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge to the community. I'm grateful to the contributions of blogs of many people and I'm in debt. This is my humble way of giving back to the community.

The content will be mainly in English and Spanish.

My first attempt has been using Weebly, a good platform for blogging, but not well suited for sharing pieces of source code. Finally, I've chosen Logdown for its simplicity.

Brief career

My name is David Pérez, and I live in the sunny Barcelona (Spain).

I studied telecommunication engineering. I was taught the Pascal language. Of course, I've forgotten it.

I started programming professionally in plain C and assembler (microcontrollers) in the late 80's. In the early 90's, I introduce C++ to my team. I used to work in industrial environmnents, where reliability is important, and problems like memory leaks are easy to appear, as they work day and night. I mastered this language, but realized it wasn't very productive when I began working with .NET, in the beta stages. It was quite good for being beta, even the lack of documentation at that time.

.NET was inspired by Java, but started working seriously later. Ever since, I've been working with open source technologies, and stop working with Microsoft Techmologies. It has been an amazing experience, to start collaborating with people foreign to my company, and submit patches to projects like iText or Jython.

In 2007 I became a developer of Qooxdoo, a powerful Javascript framework at its time.

In the latest years, I'm very involved with Scala language and surrounding technologies like SBT, Spray, and Slick. It's a natural transition from the Java world. I'll talk about in future posts.

It's important to submit patches, and propose improvements to the authors, and if possible do it yourself. In Internet, we can be passive consumers or actively change the world.

Nowadays, thanks to github and git, collaboration it's easier than never before. So the number of projects are increasing exponentially.



El propósito de este blog es aportar mis descubrimientos a la comunidad. Me he beneficiado tanto de los blogs de otra gente, que estoy en deuda con la comunidad. Esta es mi forma de retornar un poco de lo gran recibido.

He decidido llamarlo Taming the bits, o sea Domando los bits.

El contenido estará principalmente en inglés y español.

Resumen de mi evolución.

Me llamo David Pérez, y vivo en la soleada Barcelona (España).

He estudiado ingeniería de telecomunicaciones. Ahí me enseñaron el lenguaje Pascal, el cual he olvidado casi completamente.

Empecé programando profesionalmente en C y ensamblador, para microcontroladores.